Flex Neon Aqueous Pool/Spa Rated

The Aqueous Neon Series is certified to the highest standard UL676, making it safe for use in swimming pools, spas and other inhabitable bodies of water such as aquariums. This Series offers architectural-grade, static white or static color outputs with a max run of 26.2 feet and cut marks of 2.19″, except red is 3.28″. Install of the Aqueous Series must be in channel to meet UL676 standards. This is a special order product, please see spec sheet for details on delivery and MOQ. Options include:

  • Static White (2700K, 3000K, 5700K) = 151 – 164 lm/ft; 3.4 w/ft
  • Static Color (Red, Blue, Green) = 25 – 155 lm/ft; 3.4 w/ft (red is 2.2 w/ft)