Coloronix RGBW Color Flood

The SS2 ColorFlood Series can be used for direct flood and/or accent lighting, installed as an above grade fixture. Perfect for applications desiring a dynamic color changing effect. Recommended for retail, stadiums, auditoriums, hospitality, and entertainment installations. RGBW design allows fine-tuned pastel colors and saturated hues without sacrificing illumination brightness. DMX control option allows the use of DMX512 Control Systems to individually control and change colors, set looks, and add lighting effects which can affect moods, feelings and atmosphere.

These fixtures are energy efficient, user-friendly, and ship programmed ready to install. They are adjustable to get the right angle/ DMX direct via LCD display / durable IP65 for damp or dry installations/ smooth, flicker-free dimming.

  • C-SS2-RGBW-10S-24 LEDs: RGBW(4000K) square fixture / 161W / 5,196 max lumens / 40 degree beam spread / (H)10.63″ x (W)3.98″ x (L)15.16″
  • C-SS2-RGBW-8R-04 LEDs: RGBW(5000K) round fixture / 32W / 1,100 max lumens / 25 degree beam spread / (H)8.6″ x (W)3.9″ x (L)6.5″
  • C-SS2-RGBW-8R-10 LEDs: RGBW(5000K) round fixture / 80W / 2,500 max lumens / 25 degree beam spread / (H)12.4″ x (W)4.4″ x (L)9.3″
  • C-SS2-RGBW-8R-15 LEDs: RGBW(4000K) round fixture / 110W / 3.500 max lumens / 25 degree beam spread / (H)13.1″ x (W)5.1″ x (L)10.9″
  • C-SS2-RGBW-120R diffused lens: RGBW(4000K) round fixture / 120W / 2,200 max lumens / 35 degree beam spread / (H)13.6″ x (W)7.1″ x (L)12.4″
Cirque Du Soleil 1

Cirque du Soleil

Carvana 3

Carvana Auto Dealership

London Bridge 1

London Bridge in Lake Havasu AZ

The London Bridge originally built in the 1830s formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England. In 1968, Robert P. McCullock, Sr. purchased the bridge from London and reconstructed in 1971 in Arizona. Coloronix had the opportunity to illuminate the bridge with our newly launched C-SS2-RGBW-8R-04 ColorFlood fixtures. A special crane was hung over the edge of the bridge to install each fixture one at a timeā€”and there are A LOT of lights! This project includes more than 700 C-SS2-RGBW-8R-04 round ColorFlood lights on the bridge connected with a 10 universe Pharos LPC to create some truly WOW pre-programmed color displays. Keun Kim is a programmer with Roth Lighting working directly with the City of Lake Havasu to program scenes for holidays and special events as well as several colorful looks for everyday displays.
Michigan Bridge 2

Blissfield Railroad Bridge

Mercrury Insurance

Mercury Insurance