Design Series Architectural-grade, 90+ CRI

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The Design Series is an architectural-grade 24V LED strip lighting that ensures proper execution of design intentions in both an indoor (IP65) or outdoor, wet (IP68) application for accent or ambient lighting. This series has a high performance 90+ CRI/ 3-step MacAdam/ UL Certified/ JA8-Title 24/ PoE compatible/ smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 0.1%. The LED tape has 3M adhesive backing for direct install or to install with clips or in one of our channels for a more finished look. Options include:

Static White (2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5500K):
• DS 64   = 164-309 lm/ft;  2.4 w/ft;  31.0′ max run;  4.92″ cut mark
• DS 128 = 205-328 lm/ft;  3.6 w/ft;  22.9′ max run;  2.46″ cut mark
• DS 160 = 272-424 lm/ft;  4.4 w/ft;  18.0′ max run;  1.97″ cut mark
• DS 240 = 444-605 lm/ft;  6.6 w/ft;  13.8′ max run;  1.31″ cut mark

Tunable White (2100K – 5400K):
• DS 128 = 109-272 lm/ft;  3.7 w/ft;  16.0′ max run;  4.90″ cut mark
• DS 160 = 138-343 lm/ft;  4.5 w/ft;  13.1′ max run;  3.91″ cut mark

Bobbitt Main Image Website

Bobbitt Design Build

Nova Flex is featured in Bobbitt Design Build with our Design 64 ribbon.
Metropolitan Square Main Image

Metropolitan Square

Nova Flex is featured in the Metropolitan Square as a creative accent to the lobby/elevator area using LED strip lighting.
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Shinmio Tea

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Eddie V's