1813 Surface

SKU: NF-CH-1813-2M

Nova Flex LED aluminum channels help achieve the perfect look for any application. Create a fixture, diffuse light, or add another level of protection. The Surface 1813 channel is available in silver, black or white and can be paired with a clear, soft, solid or black lens.

Metropolitan Square Main Image

Metropolitan Square

Nova Flex is featured in the Metropolitan Square as a creative accent to the lobby/elevator area using LED strip lighting.
Uofm Website

University Of Minnesota Athletes Village

Opportunity: The University of Minnesota built a new Athletes Village and was looking to add lighting elements in the locker rooms, training rooms and to accent coves and the exterior of the building. Solution: Nova Flex worked with Parsons and Gray Bar in Minneapolis to successfully integrate Nova Flex linear LED strips into the project to impact the student athletes by providing them a dynamic & functional space specific to their needs and lifestyle. Lighting was used in coves throughout the complex, above and below individual lockers, and to back-light signage.